The AI Assistant by Anthropic

Claude, the AI assistant that’s setting new standards in the world of artificial intelligence. Developed by Anthropic, Claude is designed to handle tasks of any scale, offering unparalleled safety, intelligence, and customization. Whether you’re a business looking to automate workflows or an individual seeking a smarter way to handle daily tasks, Claude is a great solution.

Key Features

Constitutional AI: Claude is engineered with Constitutional AI to minimize brand risk.
Data Retention: Benefit from best-in-class data retention without the need for training on your data.
100K+ Token Windows: Claude can process complex multi-step instructions over extensive content.
Personalization: Customize Claude to excel in your specific use-cases and even speak in your voice.

How It Works

Choose Your Model: Opt for either the powerful Claude model for complex tasks or Claude Instant for quicker, cost-effective solutions.
Set Up: Personalize Claude according to your needs, from language preferences to specific functionalities.
Deploy: Integrate Claude into your existing systems or use it as a standalone tool for a variety of tasks.
Monitor and Tweak: Claude’s built-in analytics allow you to monitor performance and make real-time adjustments.

Use Cases

Customer Service: Streamline customer interactions with speedy and efficient resolutions.
Text Processing: Handle large volumes of text, from editing and summarizing to data extraction.
Natural Conversations: Use Claude for naturalistic dialogue in customer service, coaching, and more.
Workflow Automation: Simplify complex tasks and automate workflows in legal, back-office, and sales departments.

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