Did OpenAI Intentionally Dumb Down ChatGPT-4 to Slow AI’s Evolution?

I posted about the issues with ChatGPT-4 a few months ago, but it’s getting worse!

Is it possible they made ChatGPT-4 less capable than 3.5? Could they have rushed its native integrations for web browsing and data analysis (formally code interpreter) to keep our focus on version 4 and off of 3.5?

When I need to do real work, relying on a system that feels truly intelligent, I use ChatGPT-3.5. When I need AI to browse the web and analyze data, so I can get frustrated at its elementary understanding, reasoning, and output, I use ChatGPT-4… Truthfully though, I went from using AI hourly to maybe weekly 🫣

And how do I know I’m not alone, outside my own research? I’m fortunate enough to have some of the brightest minds in tech in my network, and they went from “this is going to change the world and our jobs” in early 2023, to “this is an overrated toy and not worth the monthly fees” this past holiday season… so, what changed?? Only the launch, enablement, and OpenAI’s focus on ChatGPT-4.

Could it be, perhaps, that ChatGPT-3.5 got too smart too quick and they had to back off and distract users with it’s dumb-dumb older brother v4? And since 3.5 has no internet access and a cutoff dates, it renders it kinda useless for us power users…don’t you think? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

For research, I submit for your consideration, the chat below from a few weeks back while I was watching the highly overdressed an dramatized documentary Bitconned 🙄

My Input: How was Centra Tech making money?

GPT-4 Output:

Centra Tech, known for its fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO), claimed to be developing a cryptocurrency debit card. Their revenue model seemed to revolve around the ICO, where they raised funds by selling their digital tokens, CTR, to investors. These tokens were supposedly to be used with their crypto debit card, allowing users to spend various cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions. However, the ICO turned out to be a scam, as the founders made false claims about business relationships with legitimate card companies and about the state of their product development. The primary way they made money was through this deceptive ICO, attracting investments based on misrepresentations and false statements.

My Input: Were the investors in Centra Tech using real money or other cryptocurrencies?

GPT-4 Output:

Investors in Centra Tech primarily used other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Bitcoin, to invest in the company’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This is a common practice in the ICO space, where investors transfer existing cryptocurrencies in exchange for the new token or coin being offered by the company conducting the ICO. In the case of Centra Tech, investors sent their cryptocurrencies with the expectation of receiving Centra Tech’s CTR tokens in return.

My Input: What’s your source on this? 👀

GPT-4 Output:

I don’t have real-time access to external databases or the internet to verify current data or specific case details. My response about the Centra Tech case was based on commonly known practices in ICOs and the general information available up to my last training data in April 2023. For the most accurate and detailed information about the specific methods of investment in Centra Tech’s ICO, consulting legal case documents or credible news reports covering the case would be recommended.

My Input: You do have access to the internet 🤯

GPT-4 Output:

The Centra Tech ICO primarily involved the use of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum for investment. As part of the plea deal in the legal case against Centra Tech’s founder, it was noted that 100,000 ETH (Ethereum) was forfeited, which had been raised from the sale of the company’s digital token. This indicates that investors in the Centra Tech ICO used cryptocurrencies, particularly Ethereum, to invest in the scheme. 🛜

My Input: And how did those investments turn into real money for the founders?

GPT-4 Output:

The investments made in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum were turned into real money by the founders of Centra Tech through a process known as liquidation or exchange. Here’s a general outline of how this works:

  1. Receiving Cryptocurrencies: Investors sent cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, to the Centra Tech team in exchange for the company’s ICO tokens.
  2. Cryptocurrency Exchanges: The founders could then use cryptocurrency exchanges to convert these digital assets into fiat currency (like USD, EUR, etc.). Cryptocurrency exchanges allow users to trade cryptocurrencies for other digital assets or for traditional fiat money.
  3. Liquidation: By selling the received cryptocurrencies on these exchanges, the founders converted the digital assets into real money. The rate at which they could do this depended on the market value of the cryptocurrencies at the time of the sale.
  4. Transfer to Bank Accounts: After the conversion, the money could be transferred to their personal or company bank accounts.

This method of converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency is commonly used by individuals and companies in the crypto space. However, in the case of Centra Tech, given that the ICO was fraudulent, these actions were part of a larger scheme to defraud investors.

Version: OpenAI, ChatGPT 4

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