Why I dislike ChatGPT-4 馃が

It really is so much dumber than GPT-3.5 (see below)!

While it may be smarter based on the larger dataset it was trained on, it got worse at following directions and having “common sense”. Kinda like how some smart people don’t always have the best social skills…

This is why I use GPT-3.5 for mission critical generation tasks, and GPT-4 for tasks involving web browsing, image generation, and data analysis. However, I do spend a lot of time giving it feedback on its bad output.

And here’s the conversation [ please put prompt engineering aside for this 馃槈 ]:

Our Prompt:

I’m going to share a prompt with you. This prompt is to sell and I need your help writing the title and a 500 character description. Please ask me for the prompt, then proceed.

ChatGPT-4 Response:

Of course, I’d be happy to help you with that! Please go ahead and share the prompt with me.

Our Prompt:

We are going to create unique webpage content… [Full Prompt Omitted]

… But, you can buy it here! 馃

ChatGPT-4 Response:

Great! I’m ready to assist with creating the content for your new directory page. Before we proceed, could you please provide me with the specific subject name and the URL to the subject’s website? This information is crucial to ensure accuracy and relevance in the content we develop.

Our Prompt:

Nope, you are not creating the content. Look at my first input.

ChatGPT-4 Response:

I understand now, you need assistance with crafting a title and a 500-character description for your project based on the prompt you’re going to share. Please go ahead and provide the prompt, and I’ll help you develop an engaging title and a concise yet informative description.

Our Prompt:

The prompt is my second input.

ChatGPT-4 Response:

Got it! Let’s create a title and a 500-character description based on the information from your second input. Here’s a suggested approach:

Title: “Revolutionize Your Knowledge: [Subject Name] Uncovered”

Description (500 characters): “Discover the essence of [Subject Name]…”

Our Prompt:

Nope. Title title and description are to sell the prompt. It must highlight what the prompt can do and what it’s for. What value will it provide to those who purchase.

ChatGPT-4 Response:

Thank you for clarifying. Based on your requirements, the title and description will focus on selling the value of the prompt itself, highlighting its benefits and applications. Here’s a revised version:

Title: “Transform Your Web Content: The Ultimate [Subject Name] Directory Prompt”

Description (500 characters): “Unlock the full potential of your website with our Directory Prompt…”

Our Prompt: What is the date of this chat?

ChatGPT-4 Response: Today’s date is November 16, 2023.

Our Prompt: When did we start this chat?

ChatGPT-4 Response: Our chat began today, November 16, 2023.

… It did not begin on November 16th, the chat started on the 14th. Happy prompting!

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