Google Bard is now Gemini!

bard into gemini


Google has introduced a major update and rebrand by transitioning Bard into Gemini. This change isn’t just in name; it reflects a broader commitment to harnessing the power of advanced AI models to enrich everyday experiences. With the introduction of Gemini, users are invited to explore a new realm of possibilities, from enhancing learning to streamlining tasks with unparalleled efficiency. This initiative opens the door to a future where AI is more integrated into daily life, promising to be a valuable tool for users worldwide.

Evolution from Bard to Gemini

The transition from Bard to Gemini is a deliberate shift towards making advanced artificial intelligence more accessible and impactful for the general public. This evolution is not just a change in branding, but a deeper commitment to integrating AI into everyday life. By adopting the name Gemini, there’s an emphasis on the dual capabilities of this platform: enhancing human creativity and productivity while also pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. This move showcases an ambition to democratize AI technology, making it a more integral and user-friendly part of daily activities and decision-making processes.

Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0

The Ultra 1.0 model is a leap forward in AI technology, designed to surpass leading alternatives with its advanced capabilities. It aims to enhance user experiences by offering more accurate, nuanced responses and fostering greater interaction. This model is tailored to support a variety of tasks, from educational content enhancement to creative endeavors, positioning it as a versatile tool for a wide audience.

Gemini Advanced, with its Ultra 1.0 model, is designed to assist in various domains including education, coding, and digital creation. In education, it can simplify complex concepts and offer personalized learning experiences. For coding, Gemini Advanced can help debug code and suggest improvements, making programming more accessible to beginners and more efficient for experienced developers. In digital creation, it aids in generating creative content, from writing to graphic design, by providing inspiration and assisting in the creative process. This versatility makes Gemini Advanced a valuable tool across different fields.

Gemini Advanced has been made available in over 150 countries and territories. This widespread availability ensures that a diverse range of users, from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, can leverage the benefits of AI technology in their daily tasks and creative endeavors, thereby fostering innovation and productivity on a global scale.

Google One AI Premium Plan

The Google One AI Premium Plan is $19.99/month and features a complimentary two-month trial. This plan combines Google’s top AI innovations with perks like 2TB storage.

For further details, visit the official Google Blog.

In the future, Gemini will integrate into Google Workspace enabling users to utilize AI directly within tools like Gmail, Docs, Slides, and Sheets. This will streamline workflows, foster innovative content creation, and offer personalized assistance, transforming how individuals and teams collaborate and bring ideas to life.

Mobile Experience for Gemini

The new mobile app for Gemini, now rolling out on Android and within the Google app on iOS, simplifies access to Gemini’s capabilities on-the-go. Users can interact through typing, talking, or uploading images to receive assistance with a variety of tasks, such as getting help with a flat tire through a photo or crafting a dinner party invitation. On Android, it integrates with Google Assistant for a comprehensive assistant experience, while on iOS, features will be accessible directly from the Google app, enhancing creativity and task management. Availability begins in the U.S. in English, with more languages and regions to follow.

Launch Details and Availability

Gemini is launching on Android and iOS in the U.S. in English, starting with immediate availability and expanding fully in the coming weeks. Following this initial rollout, access will extend to more locations in English, as well as in Japanese and Korean, with plans to add more countries and languages soon.


Google’s transformation of Bard into Gemini, along with the introduction of the Ultra 1.0 model, marks a notable step forward in making AI more reachable and useful. With the launch of the Google One AI Premium Plan, the integration of Gemini into Google Workspace, and the rollout of its mobile app in the U.S. and plans for global expansion, Gemini is poised to enhance productivity, creativity, and daily task management for users worldwide.

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