Unleashing GenAI: How to Build Your Own Custom GPT Model with ChatGPT

Please Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel Hello, fellow AI enthusiasts and curious minds! Welcome to our latest blog post here on nonBot where we dive into the exciting world of generative AI and, more specifically, the art of creating custom GPT models with OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4. If you鈥檝e already watched the video above, you鈥檙e halfway into … Read more

Why I dislike ChatGPT-4 馃が

It really is so much dumber than GPT-3.5 (see below)! While it may be smarter based on the larger dataset it was trained on, it got worse at following directions and having “common sense”. Kinda like how some smart people don’t always have the best social skills… This is why I use GPT-3.5 for mission … Read more

AI @ Work, a Stat You Should Know!

Hi! I was reading some posts over on LinkedIn when I found the stat below… “A recent paper, published by MIT, BCG, UPenn Wharton, and other institutions, shows the marked ways employees gain performance benefits when employing generative AI. While the highest performers saw a 17% increase in productivity, lower-performing workers gained a whopping 43% … Read more

Best Image Generation AI for Text, Logos, and Posters (2023)

And the winner is… Ideogram.ai Ideogram AI is a groundbreaking text-to-image generation tool that transforms your text prompts into hyper-realistic visuals in seconds. Whether you’re looking to create personalized artwork, professional logos, or intricate designs, Ideogram AI makes it breathtakingly simple. It’s like having a digital Picasso at your fingertips, ready to bring your vision … Read more

Asking a question that would previously have been answered by Google

Me: Why is posting your license plate number online dangerous? ChatGPT: Posting your license plate number online can be potentially dangerous for a few reasons: It’s important to be cautious about the information you share online and consider the potential risks associated with it. While license plate numbers are often visible in public spaces, sharing … Read more

Black Hat Conference

Me: When was the first black hat conference? ChatGPT: The first Black Hat conference took place in 1997. It was founded by Jeff Moss, also known as “Dark Tangent,” as a gathering for hackers and security professionals. The event focuses on the latest trends and advancements in information security, including vulnerability research, exploit development, and … Read more